Here are some highlights and a brief description of projects completed by Bob Cummings. Call us or e-mail us for more information about any of these projects

Principal-In-Charge – Solid Waste Management Study – Town of Barnstable, MA
Named Principal-In-Charge for a comprehensive solid waste management study for the town of Barnstable on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Responsible for all technical and financial oversight of the project which involved the study of curbside collection alternatives, payment methods and ultimate disposal site recommendations. As a follow-up to this study, a full evaluation of the Barnstable sanitary landfill was conducted, recommending various improvements to extend the useful life and improve environmental mitigation.

Project Engineer – Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study – US Environmental Protection Agency, Holbrook, MA
Performed as Project Engineer for the RI/FS conducted for the US EPA and the Baird & McGuire Chemical Plant in Holbrook, Massachusetts. Designed and performed the Feasibility Study portion of the project. Based on this work, a selected remedy with an estimated construction cost of $50 million was designed by the US Army Corps of Engineers.

Principal-In-Charge – Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study – NY/MA
Named Principal-In-Charge for RI/FS projects including one of the Spring Valley project for the New York State Dept. Of Environmental Conservation and the Ravenbrook Landfill in Carver, Massachusetts.

Project Manager – Landfill Leachate Treatment System – Cohassett, MA
Developed preliminary designs and pilot study specifications for a landfill leachate treatment system for the Cohasset Heights Ltd. Facility in Cohassett, MA. The Project required treating a waste stream of landfill leachate and groundwater to a level suitable for groundwater discharge.

Principal-In-Charge – design of Wastewater Treatment Facility – Plymouth, MA
Designed a wastewater treatment facility at the Pilgrim Nuclear Plant in Plymouth, MA to process 60,000 gallons per day of sewage flow from the Pilgrim Nuclear administration building.

Principal-In-Charge – Water Supply Treatment Systems – Marshfield, MA
One of the systems for the Furnace Brook Number One well Field was designed for a fast-track basis to accommodate summer peak water usage within the town. A liquid-phase granular activated carbon system was designed to remove volatile organic compounds from the groundwater. The entire project, from the notice to proceed with design to the start-up of the system, was completed in fewer than 90 days. This allowed Marshfield to put the well field back into service for the summer peak water usage season.

Project Manager/Project Engineer – Potable Water Chlorination System – Newport, RI
Mr. Cummings developed plans, specifications and bid documents for two potable water chlorination systems on the water mains feeding the Naval Education and Training Center in Newport, RI.

Project Manager/Project Engineer – Roadway Reconstruction Projects – Rehoboth, MA
Designed 3.1 miles of Tremont Street (Rte. 118) under the Federal Urban Systems Program.